Private Commission Work

Carved directly in stone, my work combines traditional carving techniques with contemporary art ideas. I believe that the goal of contemporary art is to forge connections between people, and my interactive sculpture lets the viewer be a part of the creative process.

Indiana Limestone is the fabric of many of our national monuments and landmarks. It is a container for national memories. Inherently, it is a fossil record of a specific time, around 380 million years ago. It is a blending of histories. In addition I value it for its even, soft texture, neutral colors from warm to cool, and the feel of a sharp chisel biting into it.

In this age of technology, the handmade object becomes more precious. The human touch connects us to the object. I finish all of my work with mallet and chisel to leave tool marks. However slight, the marks catch the light and are what give the pieces life. As they say in Italian; it is how you “touch” the stone with the chisel.

I make my carvings to be touched and interacted with, to give this dimension to the aesthetic experience. The carved stone is a tool in the creation of an image, rather than being simply a singular art object; it impresses the fluid and fugitive sand with an image from the fixed and permanent stone. Even though this final act is playful, it often leads to serious aesthetic investigation of how forms are made, and what it means to be an artist. By interacting with my carvings people are moved from passive consumption of art as commodity to an active contemplation of contemporary art with a playful touch. The art is not complete until someone rolls the sphere, or strokes a line.

As you can tell, I enjoy collaboration, which is how I see the commissioning process; it begins with my listening to the client. Once I have an idea of possible themes, venue, audience,we agree to a design phase. This phase includes one round of changes that do not require a redesign. There will be a written agreement for a time line, the contents of the proposal (drawing model, etc.) and budget. Upon acceptance of the proposal a formal contract is made, typically with ½ of the cost due upon signing, and ½ due upon completion, as needed for each individual project.

Interested in a custom piece?

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