Joy's House Adult Day Service, Indianapolis IN

Limestone, sand , wood


Inspired by early 20th century carvings in Prague’s St. Vitus Cathedral, five swirling faces are intertwined in a seamless design.

12” Bronze, Limestone, Resin


Longfinned Koi and Shubunkin swirl around this RoliqueryTM, much as they would come to greet you in a garden pond.

12” Bronze, Limestone, Resin

Gods & Goddesses

The created becomes the creator, when with but mortal hands we create the iconic faces of gods & goddesses in the sands.

20” Bronze

Lake Monroe

Created with an Arts in the Parks Grant from the Indiana Arts Commissions and the In. Dept of Natural Resources.

8″ Limestone


Spiders have inspired the human imagination for centuries. Phobia-inducing to some, fragile and beautiful to others, here you can admire their strength and delicacy without fear.

7” Bronze, Limestone, Resin

Oak Leaves

Carvings of White, Red, Pin, and Chestnut Oak leaves are as thickly layered as an autumn forest floor.

4” Bronze, 12” Bronze, Limestone

Sea Shells

Reminiscent of a walk on a Cape Cod beach with Whelk, Moon Shell, Starfish, Sand Dollar, Scallop and Quahog.

4” Resin, 7” Bronze, Limestone, Resin


Inspired by Wilson Bentley’s photomicrography of snowflakes, these snowflakes explore the curious juxtaposition of ice crystals and the desert.

12” Bronze, Limestone, Resin

Love Letters

1998 sculpture - "Love Letters" - 42” x 48” x 48”

Limestone, steel, fabric, wood, sand


1995 sculpture - "Marker" - 23” x 96” x 96”

Sand, limestone, wood, steel, coal slag